As a man, you are probably interested in learning how to increase intimacy with your partner. After all, having more intimacy with your partner can lead to a more satisfying sex life and a deeper, longer relationship. So how do you accomplish this? In this article, I will tell you several of the best ways to do just that!

First, embrace. While this might seem like a counter-intuitive suggestion, it is actually one of the most effective ways to increase intimacy with your partner. When you embrace, you take your partner out of the realm of the bedroom and bring them into your heart and embrace. In doing so, you give them a feeling of being welcomed, of belonging. This alone can have a positive effect on their attitude and willingness to be intimate with you.

Second, pay attention to what you’re doing around him. If you constantly find yourself talking to other people, making comments about their looks or clothes, or buying him gifts – stop. You need to learn to listen to your partner when he’s talking to you, and then gently guide him away from the distractions by putting your full attention on him.

Third, compliment him often. Complimenting him on his appearance or manner, his choice in soft music, whatever, can really touch him. He’ll love the extra attention, and it will also show him that you love and value him as a person – a very valuable commodity in our society!

Fourth, hold him close. It’s OK for you to kiss him occasionally. You shouldn’t rush it though. Hold him close to you in a hug, and kiss him while your arms are still intertwined. It can be as simple as a hug and a kiss, but it can go on from there.

Fifth, make eye contact and engage him in conversation. Men don’t like it when their woman only looks at them when they’re not around. So, when you’re talking to him, look directly at him and speak to him as if you were having a normal conversation with anyone. In fact, it’s important that you keep eye contact during the talk. This communicates to your partner that you want to be physically intimate with him as well.

Sixth, let him know what you feel. You need to be vocal about your desires – what you want, where you want to take things. Let him know that you feel the sex is missing from your day – and that you need it.

How to increase intimacy with your partner doesn’t have to be difficult. Remember that the physical aspect of lovemaking is vital – but you also need to verbalize your feelings. Try these ideas and you’ll soon be feeling more energized than you have in years!

If you can kiss him while standing, that would be great. However, if he is sitting down, you won’t need to kiss him. Just turn around and look at him. Then, lean close to his face and whisper something sweet as you kiss him. He’ll love the attention that you are giving him.

What if you can’t find the time to kiss him? That’s OK – there are other ways of getting his attention. Find something else to do with your time – maybe you can give him a massage or listen to some music. Whatever it is that you do, make it as special as possible.

What if you are unable to see each other? That’s ok – your hands are still very important. Put one hand behind his back and grip his shaft with your free hand. Use your other hand to touch his shaft and feel it. Stroke him gently – this will feel amazing.

How to increase intimacy with your partner doesn’t have to be difficult. The more comfortable you become, the longer your intimacy will last. Remember to kiss him often and look into his eyes. Touch him often during the day. Try new things – new positions, new kissing techniques. Anything that feels good to you will work.

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