Whether you’re considering vacuum glass for your home or office, there are a few different types to choose from. You can opt for something that offers a high degree of UV protection, or you can choose a more basic version that doesn’t offer any UV protection. You’ll also want to decide on how many cubic feet you need.


Having a vacuum glass is a great way to save on energy and reduce CO2 emissions. It also helps to protect your eyesight and skin from the ill effects of air conditioning. Using tempered vacuum glass in windows and doors is also a good way to cut down on heating costs. In a world where heating and cooling buildings consume a lot of power, the benefits of insulating glass are clear. It also helps to reduce noise. In addition to reducing heating and cooling energy use, it also offers a surprisingly quiet field of vision. In particular, tempered vacuum glass is useful in protecting your eyes and skin from the effects of air conditioning.

While a tempered vacuum glass is not for everyone, there are many applications for it. For instance, tempered glass is used for a variety of window and door applications, such as in the car, the office and the home. It can even help prevent your family from getting sick from the effects of air conditioning.

BENG Glas +

Using vacuum glass is a good way to reduce the energy waste associated with heating and cooling your home. It also provides a high degree of sound insulation. It is a great choice for remodeling or renovating your home. Feature of vacuum glass can be used in almost any type of frame. The U-value of these types of glass is significantly lower than other materials, which makes it ideal for renovation.

In addition to its good insulating value, the U-waarde of a vacuum glas is guaranteed for life. This translates into energy savings of up to EUR 300 per square meter.This is especially true of the BENG glas + type. It is available in four different technical properties. This includes the U-value, the smallest afstand houders, the most effective veiligheid and the best isolatieglas in the world.


Among the latest developments in the field of tempered vacuum insulated glass, LandVac tempered vacuum glazing is a product that is especially designed for passive house projects. It can greatly reduce heat transfer and sound transmission. It also provides lead-free environmental protection.

Its light weight, durability and excellent thermal insulation performance make it suitable for a wide range of applications. It can be installed flat or sloped. Its thickness is less than that of triple-pane insulated glass. It is wind resistant and has an anticipated life of 25 years. It also offers superior G-values and Light Transmittance ratings. Its high degree of vacuum between the layers guarantees consistent and uniform heat transfer coefficients. This helps to ensure a constant level of vacuum even when the unit is installed in a horizontal position.


Developed by Panasonic Corporation, the vacuum insulating glass application is used in a number of applications. It offers high heat insulation performance. It is designed with no protrusions on its surface and is suited for use in food and beverage industries. The new product is expected to propel the global market for insulated glass. Its features include low thermal conductivity, a flat appearance, and the elimination of an exhaust hole.

It is made by sealing two sheets of glass together. Then, a laminate film is used to prevent thermal conduction. The result is a very thin vacuum insulated glass. In addition, it is made using a proprietary molding technology. It maintains a very high thermal insulation performance and a long life. It also offers a low flame spread and low smoke development.

Haan Glas

Various types of glass can be used in a vacuum, including tempered and non-tempered. Among them, the best U value is obtained by using tempered glass, which has higher strength and impact resistance. This type of insulating glass is also applicable to large-area windows.

One of the most impressive features of the vacuum glass is its low energy consumption. It can be a good choice for passive houses. This is because it has the ability to reduce carbon emissions and increase energy efficiency. It can also create a pleasant living environment. Aside from its high thermal performance, it can also offer acoustic performance. It can help to dampen vibrations and reduce dizziness. It can even help to prevent upper respiratory tract infections. The aforementioned features paired with low cost make it a popular choice. It can also be a good choice for high rise buildings.

Final Thought

So, buying vacuum glass can be a good decision for you if you want to make your home beautiful and long lasting. Compared with ordinary single glass, vacuum glass has better thermal insulation performance. It offers better sound insulation and anti-fogging properties. In addition, it can save installation space. It can be used on windows, doors and walls.



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